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Editor, Animator, Cinematographer, Audiophile


Based in Washington, DC’s Northern Virginia suburbs, Kevin Randall Jones is a video production expert at the advertising agency of WHITE64. He has worked in video production for regional and national clients including the Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority (WMATA), PenFed Federal Credit Union, Mercedes Bens of Arlington, Luray Caverns, Merrifield Garden Center, and the American Chemistry Council (ACC). He has also supported the marketing efforts of a variety of arts organizations, including the promotion of an opera-inspired children’s book.

KRJ’s substantial video and film production experience include the use of Blackmagic, Sony, and RED cameras. He is knowledgeable in production sound, with specific experience as a boom operator and live recording using Zoom H6 recorders. Additionally, he has post-production proficiency in video editing, animating, compositing, and audio, utilizing many Adobe Creative Suite applications as well as Final Cut Pro X, and Avid Media Composer.

KRJ is also the Producer and Editor of the Jones.Show podcast which can be heard at www.Jones.Show, or wherever you get your podcasts.



*does not include sound

editor, cinematographer, digital santa claus.

*animator, thirst quencher, champion of hops.

cinematographer, car enthusiast, family member.

editor, cinematographer, dog wrangler.

*animator, educator, purveyor of bad news.

*animator, compositor, money coach.

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